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At Circle Strategies, our commitment to excellence in talent management is unmatched. With a team of seasoned professionals and a proven track record of success, we possess the expertise and resources to effectively identify, nurture, and maximize the potential of top talent in any organization. With a client-centered approach and a dedication to delivering tailored solutions, we partner closely with organizations to drive sustainable growth and achieve strategic objectives through optimized talent management practices.

Where We Can Help:

Executive Pay and Benefits

Executive pay is under a perpetual spotlight – continually scrutinized by shareholders, politicians, the media, employees, customers, and suppliers. It is imperative that organizations get this right to ensure public trust and establish a functional compensation strategy that starts right at the top. We support compensation committees as they engage with shareholders and the public, assist with technical implementation and communication, and build executive pay frameworks that align with current and future business strategies.

Employee Rewards and Benchmarking

We take a comprehensive approach to developing employee rewards strategies and programs. We analyze your firm and your culture from all angles, digging deep to learn the intricacies of each business. We act holistically, incorporating all aspects of reward, including often-overlooked components such as incentives and benefits. We exceed expectations, going beyond the conventional view of compensation to energize organizations with non-traditional rewards such as leadership recognition, meaningful job design, and a dynamic and fulfilling work climate.

Our multi-disciplined business professionals offer expert employee rewards support in the:

Compensation Consulting

Circle Strategies leverages its industry experience and expertise in Benefit Plan Design and Contribution Analysis to offer comprehensive support in various areas. We collaborate with organizations’ Human Resources and Financial Teams to strategically manage corporate benefit objectives and control costs. Our analysis of program costs, funding, and financial alternatives enables us to design, evaluate, and implement managed health care and other insurance benefit programs effectively. We employ comparative benchmarks to negotiate insurance renewals and closely monitor cost impacts for our clients. Additionally, our thorough review of group insurance contracts, plan documents, certificates, and booklets ensures alignment with administered benefits, delivering value to employees.

As a client, you can consider us an extension of your human resources department. We provide assistance in accordance with HIPAA guidelines, including support in resolving carrier claims, and administrative, and billing issues. Our services also encompass streamlining enrollment and new hire administration processing. We offer strategic payroll relationships for seamless integration of HR and Benefits via an online web portal, allowing employees to make benefits changes online, which integrates with payroll and carrier vendors. Our in-house experts are equipped to address complex employee relations and other HR issues. Furthermore, we conduct comprehensive employee enrollment and educational meetings to ensure understanding and engagement.

Global Workforce Consulting

At Circle Strategies, our workforce management approach extends seamlessly across borders, ensuring that our global teams operate cohesively and effectively. We prioritize cross-cultural training initiatives to foster understanding and collaboration among employees from diverse backgrounds. Through tailored programs and resources, we equip our teams with the skills and knowledge necessary to navigate cultural nuances, communication styles, and work practices across multiple countries. Our commitment to diversity and inclusion drives our efforts to create an environment where every team member feels valued and empowered to contribute their unique perspectives and talents. From implementing remote work policies that accommodate different time zones to navigating complex legal and compliance requirements, we ensure that our workforce operates efficiently and compliantly in every location. By embracing the richness of global diversity, we cultivate a workplace culture that celebrates innovation, creativity, and mutual respect, driving our collective success across borders.



In today’s dynamic business landscape, the Employee Experience stands as a cornerstone of organizational success. At Circle Strategies, we recognize its pivotal role and offer a comprehensive suite of consulting services meticulously crafted to evaluate, enhance, and optimize this crucial aspect. Through our Pathway to Business Success methodology, we collaborate closely with clients to understand their current state, leveraging our Discovery Assessment process to gather direct insights from employees. Armed with this knowledge, we develop tailored strategies and initiatives aimed at fostering an environment where employees feel valued, supported, and empowered to thrive.

Our commitment extends beyond mere consultation – we remain steadfast partners throughout the implementation process, providing ongoing support and expertise to ensure the successful execution of our recommendations. By leveraging our industry insights, experience, and proven methodologies, we empower organizations to cultivate a workplace culture that not only attracts top talent but also retains and inspires them to achieve their full potential, driving sustained success in today’s competitive landscape.

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