Circle Strategies

Navigating The AI Revolution in Human Resources

Hosted by,
Clifford Watkin

12:00 PM EST
60 Minutes- Broadcasted in English

Topics of Discussion:

Operational Transformations:

How AI tools are reshaping HR operations, driving efficiency, and altering employee engagement dynamics. We will dissect the operational shifts and their implications, highlighting the pivotal role HR plays in steering organizations through transformative changes.

Future Workforce Dynamics:

C-suite leaders are scrutinizing the workforce landscape, anticipating shifts, and setting expectations for 2024 and beyond. We will examine the evolving needs of executives and managers in the era of AI and the changing job landscapes. Crucially, we will emphasize the imperative for HR to align with leadership’s vision, bridging opinions to navigate the future effectively.

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Esteemed Guests: Dom Hebrault

Dom Hebrault is the Director of Engineering at Veranova, leading initiatives integrating machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) into pharmaceutical development. With a career spanning nearly three decades, Dom has a rich background in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors. He has held notable positions such as Life Science Lead at the aerospace startup Varda Space Industries and Senior Principal Scientist and Digital Transformation Lead at Boehringer Ingelheim USA. His experience also includes roles in SaaS at Mettler-Toledo International Inc., where he focused on technology adoption and strategic account leadership, driving significant advancements in digital transformation. Dom holds a Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry and a degree in Chemical Engineering from Mainz University in Germany. His expertise uniquely positions him to discuss the integration of AI in enhancing life science R&D and navigating the challenges of the AI era.

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