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At Circle Strategies, we specialize in delivering comprehensive benefit consulting services tailored to the unique needs of each organization, while also crafting strategic plans that align with your organization’s vision and mission. Our experienced team is dedicated to excellence, ensuring that your employee benefits package attracts top talent and effectively supports your business objectives. We understand that building a strategic plan is a complex and lengthy process, encompassing a broad, long-term perspective on finances, operations, and the external environment to guide future actions. Our approach includes strategic and tactical planning, addressing the overarching goals and the specific actions needed to achieve short-term objectives within each department.

Where We Can Help:

Benefits Consulting Services

Circle Strategies offers specialized expertise in Benefit Plan Design and Contribution Analysis, collaborating with organizations to manage corporate benefit objectives, control costs, and implement effective insurance benefit programs. We provide thorough reviews of group insurance contracts, ensure alignment with administered benefits, and offer support in resolving carrier claims, streamlining administration, and addressing complex HR issues.

Ancillary & Voluntary Benefits

In today’s workforce, success in the competition for qualified employees can hinge upon any number of minute factors. To provide your company with that advantage that makes it unique, Circle Strategies is proud to have top-tier vendor partners who offer these ancillary benefits: 

Our vendor strategic partnerships afford companies competitive premium options and plan design alternatives. Your company can select options that meet your employees’ needs and improve the value of your benefits programs.

Medical Benefits

Dive into a comprehensive exploration of health insurance options available through Circle Strategies, where our commitment to innovation and expertise ensures tailored solutions to meet a diverse array of needs and preferences.

Organizational Success

We take a comprehensive approach to developing employee rewards strategies and programs. We analyze your firm and your culture from all angles, digging deep to learn the intricacies of each business. We act holistically, incorporating all aspects of reward, including often-overlooked components such as incentives and benefits. We exceed expectations, going beyond the conventional view of compensation to energize organizations with non-traditional rewards such as leadership recognition, meaningful job design, and a dynamic and fulfilling work climate.

Our multi-disciplined business professionals offer expert employee rewards support in the:

Compensation Consulting

Circle Strategies recognizes HR leaders’ vital role in shaping organizational strategy. We empower HR professionals to seamlessly integrate their expertise into strategic decision-making processes, ensuring that HR considerations are central to every aspect of the organizational plan. From preparing insightful employee reports to managing financial aspects and retention strategies, our support enables HR departments to contribute meaningfully to the strategic direction of the organization. Our consultancy provides tailored guidance to align HR functions with the broader organizational strategy. By leveraging our expertise, HR leaders can navigate workforce composition challenges, ensuring that staffing decisions align with strategic objectives. With Circle Strategies’ support, organizations can enhance HR’s strategic contribution, fostering a culture of alignment and driving sustained success in achieving long-term goals.

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