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The Business Show Miami:
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Share in the impactful collaboration between Circle Strategies and The Next Right Move, led by the esteemed Coach AK, as they recently came together to deliver an enlightening presentation at The Business Show in Miami. The Masterclass, a culmination of their combined expertise, offered attendees an immersive experience aimed at refining essential leadership skills, evaluating relationships, and mastering other pivotal life lessons. 

This synergistic effort brought together a diverse team of seasoned coaches, including Coach AK, Clifford, Cristina, and Jake, each sharing their wealth of knowledge and insights.

During the exclusive Masterclass event, participants delved deep into practical strategies and actionable insights tailored to propel their professional and personal growth forward. Through engaging presentations and interactive sessions, attendees were equipped with the tools needed to navigate the intricate nuances of leadership, relationships, and self-discovery. 

The Masterclass stood as a testament to the unwavering commitment of Circle Strategies and The Next Right Move to empower individuals to realize their fullest potential and thrive in all facets of life. Although the event has concluded, the transformative impact of The Masterclass continues to resonate, inspiring individuals to embark on their journey to success with confidence and clarity.

Why People Attended our 
Business Owners Masterclass.

Working with the Next Right Move and Coach AK, participants in The Masterclass learned how to achieve leadership in peak performance. The coaching and mentorship provided were both an enriching and transformative experience.

We have outlined three crucial action steps you can take regardless of whether you came to The Bussiness Show. These steps are designed to set the stage for your personal and professional growth throughout the program.

  • Evaluate Your Relationships:
    By understanding the strengths and opportunities within your network, you’ll be better equipped to navigate challenges and seize opportunities.
    Take some dedicated time to reflect on your relationships with friends and business associates.
  • Understand What You Want:
    To identify success, you need to have something attainable, a goal, a strategy. Put into words an important goal you would like to achieve.
  • What is Getting in the Way:
    As part of our commitment to your growth and development, it is important to visualize what may be holding you back.
    Identify daily roadblocks, work hurdles you are constantly jumping over, and challenges you face.

Completing these action steps will not only enhanced peoples experience during the Masterclass, but also laid a strong foundation for ongoing growth and development. We encourage you to approach these tasks with diligence and enthusiasm, as they are instrumental in unlocking your full potential as a leader.

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Key Takeaways

  • Future Planning for Your End State:
    Learn how to create a clear vision for your business and personal life, setting a course for success in 2024 and beyond.
  • Consistency Strategies:
    Gain insights into strategies for maintaining consistency while eliminating distractions and noise that hinder your progress.
  • The #1 Question for High Performers:
    Discover the pivotal question that all leaders and high performers must ask themselves in critical moments to excel at a world-class level.
  • 10X Growth:
    Explore ways to exponentially accelerate your business growth, taking your leadership to new heights.
  • Taking Massive Action:
    Learn how to break free from procrastination and stagnation by adopting the mindset and strategies of top executives and athletes.
  • Understand What You Want:
    To identify success, you need to have something attainable, a goal, a strategy. Put into words an important goal you would like to achieve.

And 95% of entrepreneurs are unsure of how to achieve a healthy work-life balance.

The Expert Coaches

Clifford Watkin

Founder & Chief People Officer Circle Strategies, Inc.

AK Ikwuakor

Executive Coach At Google, Inc. | Former World-Ranked Athlete | Author & Featured in Business Insider Magazine

Cristina Costa

Founder | Certified Coach | HR & Inclusivity Consultant | Professional Speaker Cristina Costa Coaching

Jake Herway

Former Gallup Partner | Internationally Sought After Culture Expert | Strengths-based Leadership Coach Jake Herway Consulting

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