Circle Strategies



Executive pay is under a perpetual spotlight – continually scrutinized by shareholders, politicians, the media, employees, customers, and suppliers. It is imperative that organizations get this right to ensure public trust and establish a functional compensation strategy that starts right at the top. We support compensation committees as they engage with shareholders and the public, assist with technical implementation and communication, and build executive pay frameworks that align with current and future business strategies.

We take a comprehensive approach to developing employee rewards strategies and programs. We analyze your firm and your culture from all angles, digging deep to learn the intricacies of each business. We act holistically, incorporating all aspects of reward, including often-overlooked components such as incentives and benefits. And we exceed expectations, going beyond the conventional view of compensation to energize organizations with non-traditional rewards such as leadership recognition, meaningful job design, and a dynamic and fulfilling work climate.

Our multi-disciplined business professionals offer expert employee rewards support in the:

  • Aligning reward strategies with broader talent strategy and overall business objectives.
  • Balancing the needs of your organization and the needs of your employees.
  • Ensuring that people are being paid the right amount for doing the right thing.
  • Benchmarking your total pay programs against your competitors.
  • Designing benefit and incentive programs that resonate and motivate.
  • Strengthening the link between rewards and employee performance.
  • We partner with SHRM benchmarking services to continually reinforce our thought leadership on reward practices.

Understanding the compensation structure of your organization and how it rewards employees is a critical component of management.  We believe that managers require this important data in order to motivate and develop their employees.  We conduct interviews with managers throughout the organization to understand the jobs and organizational functions. We then conduct a compensation analysis which involves analyzing the job descriptions, feedback from managers, and the current compensation structure.  To substantiate the recommendations, compensation benchmarking will be completed to determine the market value of all the jobs. Using real-time data analysis tools, each job can be benchmarked to determine its competitiveness.

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