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Software Tools

Our goal of achieving exceptional service centers around transparency and comprehensive communication. We accomplish this with these invaluable tools: 

changes when over 50 employees

Project Management System 


Our project management system, Zoho Project, houses all project tasks. The project team members must enter their hours along with the work completed daily, even with a fixed-price contract. Task deadlines and milestones are included in order to better manage the deadline requirements of the project. All issues are also recorded in the system. 

Confidential Team Messaging Software 

Our HIPAA-compliant team messaging system, Cliq, streamlines communication between the team and the client. It eliminates the need to read through email threads and search for specific details. Messages can be stored in folders by topics. Client training on how to use the system is provided at the beginning of each client engagement. 

Document Storage System 

Our HIPAA-compliant document storage system, Work Drive, allows Circle Strategies, Inc. and our clients to confidentially protect the documents created during each project. Client training on how to use the system is provided at the beginning of each client engagement.  

End-to-End Encrypted Email System 

All emails sent and received within our system are encrypted for security. While this level of protection against hackers is good, we request that our clients utilize the team messaging system for additional security as this system is the safest against intrusion.   ·  

Knowledge-based Resource Software 

We utilize Mineral as our compliant knowledge-based system for human resources and benefits. We subscribe to additional resources to ensure we receive the most accurate and up-to-date information to support our clients.  

Recruiting and Candidate Assessment

The Zoho Applicant Tracking System (ATS) has been awarded the best applicant tracking software by leading review platforms.   

In addition, we have recruiter seat licenses with both LinkedIn and Indeed. These licenses provide us access to candidates currently working and communicate with them about our open positions. This approach has proven successful in developing a steady candidate flow. We also access candidates through educational associations, and chambers of commerce and create a networking timeline for each assignment. 


Pyxai interviews identify, and pre-rank talent based on the soft skills most applicable to each open position and your organization’s culture. Creating a profile for the department and its organizational culture in the system: Candidates take an assessment and answer 20-25 minutes worth of open-ended questions to extract the skills most relevant to the job description. The software extracts their qualification and soft skill competencies. Circle Strategies, Inc. receives a customized dashboard containing a video of the job candidate’s answers and insightful analytics of each candidate’s competencies and long-term job success indicators. 

Verified First

We utilize Verified First for our background screening of pre-employment candidates. Verified First provides direct access to records for rapid results, while maintaining FCRA compliance and providing world-class customer service.

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