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We deliver our services in two models – on a project basis or on a contract/retainer basis. These flexible models give companies the option to utilize our dedicated HR Client Account Managers for human resources administration and projects that meet their needs.


Organizations that are successful align their culture to their organizational strategy and mission, but transforming workforce culture is difficult. It means undoing unspoken rules and challenging unconscious behaviors.  It determines what people do when no one is telling them what to do. 



An organizational strategic plan that supports the company’s vision and mission is paramount to a successful business. Circle Strategies leads the effort of building the talent management components within the strategic plan. Our combined years of business experience provides valuable insight.


In today’s workforce, success in the competition for qualified employees can hinge upon a number of factors.  To provide your company with an unique advantage, Circles Stategies’ partners with top tier vendors to offer quality employee benefits programs.


Circle Strategies Employee Experience (CS EX)

As CEOs and HR professionals, we have spent the last few years understanding and honing our skills around the importance of Employee Engagement. Now is the time to turn our focus to our Employee’s Experience. Rather than a conversation about what the Employee Experience is or can be, it has become a business imperative to provide what each employee needs to be successful so that YOUR company can be successful. How can we help your employees tie their goals to business outcomes and your company’s strategic initiatives?

CS Recruit

CS Recruit offers a unique approach to both domestic and international recruitment. We take time and care to learn each firms’ needs, culture, and community. We dig into each position’s skills, potential, and fulfillment.  We analyze and create branding, casting a wide net beyond the usual recruiting sources. We assess all applicants’ soft skills using AI to measure each candidate’s adaptability, relationship building skills, communication, self-management, leadership, reasoning, cognition thinking, and self-regulation skills to perfectly fulfill your position and company’s culture.

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