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Clifford Watkin

Founder & Chief People Officer

📩[email protected] 📞 617.812.0182

Clifford Watkin has a stellar record of success helping companies implement human resources strategies that supplement growth, attract and retain talent, and embrace diversity.

Clifford has created comprehensive employee acquisition and retention strategies for private sector employers, professional services firms and non-profit organizations. His work covers the gamut of HR issues including legal compliance, performance management, on-boarding and creating effective corporate cultures.

His personal experience drives his passion to help bring about success for minority-owned businesses and corporate organizations. Assisting companies to develop and manage a diverse workforce brings together smart business practices and policies that improve top line revenue, bottom line growth and increased employee satisfaction. In South Africa, where Clifford grew up, he saw first-hand the difference it can make when people have equal access to capital, land, education and resources.

Clifford is a regular speaker at the Northeast Human Resources Association and Employee Benefits Council. Writing for the Boston Business Journal and Employee Benefits News, Clifford is a reliable human resources expert. Clifford is also an adjunct faculty member in Human Resources for Salem State University and SHRM certification instructor at North Shore Community College. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Boston University and a Masters of Business Administration degree from Northeastern University.

In 2017, Clifford was selected to be the HR strategic adviser for Eastern Bank’s Business Equity Initiative, a program developed to help accelerate the growth of Hispanic and African-American owned local enterprises.


Laura Watkin

Managing Director

📩[email protected] 📞 617.812.0182

Laura Watkin has been an integral part of Circle Strategies since its inception. Together with Cliff, she helped mold the initial team into a family of cooperation and collaboration. Laura developed the original website concept as well as all the firm’s branding, helping to steer the firm’s marketing direction and theme before the hiring of a marketing coordinator.  Laura continues to be involved with Circle Strategies in an advisory role, in touch with the firm’s day to day operations. Her significant skill set in organization, planning, and operations can also be found in her own firm, order, a professional organization and move management company. Additionally, Laura works together with PBF Homes as Director of Project Management, overseeing large home renovation projects from concept to construction.


Pamela Brown


📩 [email protected] 📞 617.812.0182

Pam is a Human Resources Executive with 30 years of experience. Her passion is providing strategic HR solutions for her clients by helping them build their HR infrastructure through technology, compliance and people. Pam’s experience spans multiple industries including hospitality, engineering, manufacturing, software and professional services. Pam is adept at providing guidance and best practice advice to organizations in start-up mode, emerging growth, downsizing / rightsizing as well as mergers, acquisitions and business integrations with multi-state and global operations. She is well known for developing strong relationships and helping her clients create long-term sustainable approaches for HR delivery. Pam has assisted clients with strategically integrating effective HR processes, programs and practices into their daily operations. She has delivered critical support and solutions to her clients that created efficiencies, cost savings, and promoted compliance to state and federal regulations. As an expert at working through complex issues with clients, she is best known for creating effective solutions that address business needs.

Pam holds a Bachelor of Science Degree from Merrimack College, North Andover, Massachusetts, and an MBA from Suffolk University. She earned her Professional designation from the Society of Human Resources Management and holds the prestigious credentials of a Senior Certified Professional (SHRM-SCP).


ece serezli

human resources ADMINISTRATOR

📩 [email protected] 📞 617.812.0182

Ece holds both an undergraduate and Master’s degree. Ece is a data specialist, researcher, and a former scientist. She specializes in human resources administration and finance administration for Circle Strategies.

Ece is a powerful force in the workplace and uses her positive attitude and tireless energy to encourage others to work hard and succeed.

When Ece is not busy with work, you can find her walking by Boston Bay, weaving/knitting/sewing/crocheting on the balcony or baking in the kitchen.



HUMAN RESOURCES administrator

📩 [email protected] 📞 617.812.0182

Sheila is a bilingual (English/Spanish) psychologist with experience in Human Resources Management and skills in recruitment processes, evaluation, and development of employees.

She also has experience with the design of social and community welfare programs, and psychosocial interventions with nine years of experience working for multinational companies, managing administrative processes.

Sheila lives in Barranquilla, Colombia, and currently works from home. She is a determined woman who loves to learn and grow constantly.


AG photo.jpeg


HUMAN RESOURCES administrator

📩 [email protected] 📞 617.812.0182

Andrea is a bilingual (English/Spanish) psychologist from Colombia with three years of experience in the Human Resources area. She has been helping to strengthen companies by sourcing and selecting employees for recruitment. She has also supported the administration of Human Resources processes within the company.

Andrea is a people person which allows her to have good relationships with employees. She loves a good conversation, a good book, a good cup of coffee, and travel. Animals, especially dogs, are what she loves the most.




📩 [email protected] 📞 617.812.0182

Gonzalo is a Bilingual (English/Spanish) MBA graduate with experience in Administrative work, Human Resources Coordinator, and Project management, and skills in business acumen, strategic planning, time management, relationship management, and consultation.

With 6 years of professional experience, he was able to manage and budget 18 government contracts that yielded over 275 million. He was also able to manage, budget, and lead the construction of around 15 properties.

Gonzalo was in charge of all the screening, recruiting of employees and consultants but also coordinated the work schedule for all C-suite leaders of the company.

Gonzalo is a determined person, a proactive individual, and a curious learner. Now, he is looking to continue growing as a professional in the HR field and gain key HR knowledge and expertise moving forward, as well as further continue his studies with the SHRM certification.


Nilüfer Dündar

Marketing coordinator

📩 [email protected] 📞 617.812.0182

Nilüfer Dündar is both a well admired Industrial Designer and a skilled entrepreneur and marketing expert, living in Istanbul, Turkey. With an innovative and progressive approach, Nilüfer continues to learn and apply new marketing methods at a daily, never-ending pace. Nilüfer brings an infectious excitement and energy to her position, determined to drive Circle Strategies to the top of the HR social media platform.

Nilüfer is an accomplished artist, excelling in both illustration and multi-medium sculpture. She leads writing workshops and is a published author in Turkey. In her free time, Nilüfer is a lecturer in the Industrial Design and Marketing arena and a practicing entrepreneur in the hospitality industry. Her firm, Egebonbon, is the lead producer of promotional candy for all the major Turkish businesses and hotels.

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