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Updating your employee handbooks have never been more important.

Direct changes have been made to employee handbooks at both the federal and state levels. Chances are your company’s handbook needs revisions to comply with the most recent regulations. 

Current Updates Include...

Circle Strategies Employee Handbook

Multiple states have implemented new laws that protect employees’ wages and wage history. We can check if your company will be affected by these changes.

States like California and Illinois have increased the required paid time off for employees. We can ensure that the amount of paid time off you offer follows any changes the state makes.

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) just last year has had its first update since 1999 just last year. Don’t worry, We will make sure you are in compliance comply with this and any other changes out there.

Multiple OSHA changes have been implemented this year alone. Let us help ensure you are up to date with all and any changes that could affect you and your company.

Many states like New York and New Jersey have changed their minimum wage. We can help ensure your wages reflect these and any other changes.

Several states, including California and Maryland, have introduced or expanded laws regarding non-compete clauses. We can ensure that you follow the law and keep your company compliant at all times.

Don’t let these changes slow you down! 

Let Circle Strategies be your trusted HR Consultant and minimize potential liabilities.

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