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Enhance Your Company's Culture

The quality of a company’s culture directly determines the company’s health and ability to grow. It sets the tone for employee engagement, productivity, and satisfaction, influencing everything from recruitment and retention to performance and innovation.  Here at Circle Strategies, we have found a way to pioneer the approach to ensure your company’s culture is healthy and thriving! Our innovative three-phase process ensures we find the perfect next step for your company.

Culture Analysis

In the cultural analysis phase, we meticulously examine every facet of your company’s culture, from values and norms to communication styles and team dynamics. Through comprehensive data gathering and analysis, we uncover the essence of what makes your organization unique. In this phase, we use key components to ensure the highest rate of success which include:

Team Meeing

Clifton Strength Analysis

Our team has extensive experience with the Clifton Strength Analysis program, leveraging its insights to gain a nuanced understanding of your company’s strengths. Through tailored interpretation and analysis, we extract actionable insights with your organization’s unique culture and goals.

Interview Leadership

Our consultants will conduct tailored interviews with your leadership team to grasp both current and future company objectives. By fostering open dialogue and understanding, we ensure strategic alignment between your organization’s goals and the cultural dynamics necessary for sustainable growth.

Employee Feedback Survey

A customized survey is designed for your employees, providing invaluable insights into areas where cultural enhancements are necessary. Through anonymous feedback, we empower your team to voice their perspectives, fostering a culture of transparency and continuous improvement.

Culture Balancing

In the Culture Balancing phase, we meticulously assess and assign scores to each of the six core components that constitute a company’s culture. Through this comprehensive evaluation, we pinpoint not only areas of strength but also identify gaps that require attention and cores that might be overcompensating. By analyzing these scores, we gain valuable insights into your company, done through these steps:

The 6 Cores of Company Culture

  1. Company Value
  2. Leadership Style
  3. Reward & Recognition
  4. Communication Style
  5. Diversity, equity, and inclusion
  6. Decision making

Determine The

Through our careful analysis, we will determine where your company’s culture is lacking. By identifying these gaps in the culture, we can establish where change is needed. Ensuring a positive company culture is a delicate balancing act. Each core requires the others to ensure a healthy balance.

Areas of Desired

Our goal is to align your personal and leadership goals. By recognizing the connection between your personal desires and professional aspirations, you’ll gain clarity on how to integrate these elements into a cohesive vision for your future. We’ll discuss how aligning your goals can enhance your sense of purpose and fulfillment, both personally and as a leader.

Culture Report

In the Culture Report phase we use the newfound understanding of your company’s culture and its alignment with organizational goals to create a comprehensive report. This report made by our skilled consultants synthesize our foundings to create your company’s Culture Report. This document serves as a roadmap, offering achievable recommendations and strategic insights to guide your team in navigating cultural nuances and determining the next steps toward fostering a thriving workplace environment with these insights:

How to Fill in The Gaps

Based on the scores obtained from the evaluation of your company’s core cultural components, our analysis will inform targeted recommendations aimed at fill in gaps to ensure a healthier organizational culture. These suggestions are meticulously crafted to address specific areas of improvement, fostering an environment that nurtures employee engagement, collaboration, and overall well-being.

Lower Over Compensasions

We identify areas of potential overcompensation, offering strategies to realign and optimize cultural dynamics. Through careful analysis and targeted adjustments, we ensure that your organization maintains a balanced and sustainable cultural framework, and organizational resilience.

Areas of Desired Growth

With the needed changes laid clear, our skilled consultants will provide counsel for you and your company on ways that will improve your company’s culture moving forward. Through personalized strategies and tailored recommendations, we aim to foster a future where your work environment promotes positive employee experience, innovation, and long-term success.

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