Circle Strategies

Amplifying Your Sales by Amplifying Your Buyer's Sales Workshop


8:00 AM to 10:00 AM
1 Marina Drive, Boston, 16th Floor

Imagine leading with a clear vision that every step of your business resonates with customer needs and builds trust throughout the value chain. Welcome to our Amplifying Your Sales by Amplifying Your Buyer’s Sales Workshop, where we explore how changing perspectives can transform business results.

Start amplifying your value to amplify your business. Join us with your peers, and start your journey toward impactful sales leadership.

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What You’ll Gain?

Transformative Insights: A fresh perspective that can deepen trust and boost business performance.

Strategic Tools: Practical, innovative strategies to align your leadership with market and customer demands.

Community Engagement: Join a network of leaders eager to evolve and drive meaningful change.

Trusted Thought Leadership: Our cutting-edge speakers will provide insight into the neuropsychology of sales.

Why Attend?

Discover how top sales executives must shift their focus, aligning their strategies throughout the entire value chain, to enhance customer trust and achieve superior results. Learn how to embrace end-customer-centric views and leveraging AI insights can refine your approach and improve outcomes.

Our Special Guest

Empower your technology company to lead in innovation, market share, and ethical standards. With more than 30 years of business experience spearheading transformative strategies integrating advanced value-based selling (VBS) with a strong ethical framework, my clients consistently achieve enhanced competitive positioning, increased profitability, and improved customer loyalty.

I hold an MBA from the University of Manchester and a PhD in Economics from Varna Free University. My educational journey has given me the analytical tools and economic insights necessary to develop innovative strategies aligning business growth with ethical practices.

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